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Starkweather as Curator

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William Edward Bloomfield Starkweather worked for the Hispanic Society of America at 155th Street and Broadway in New York City, from about 1908 through 1918. During this period, he was also appointed a curator for the museum and wrote numerous articles about Spanish Artists.

While he worked for the Museum, he had many responsibilities and titles. 
One of his duties was to collect art and medallions for Archer Milton Huntington.
Starkweather also travelled with his friend Joaquin Sorolla and set up many of Sorolla's exhibition's and acted as an interpreter, while Sorolla was in the United States. Two documented examples were at the Albright Art Gallery in Buffalo and at Copley Hall in Boston.

He was also commissioned by Archer Huntington to paint a realistic impression of the interior of the Hispanic Society.

A black and white photo of this painting is in the collection of the
Smithsonian Museum of American Art.

In the collection of the Hispanic Society of America are drawings and paintings by both Sorolla and Starkweather.


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