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The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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William E. B. Starkweather painted several rooms in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

During Starkweather's lifetime he frequented and was permitted to paint many of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's interior rooms. Two beautiful watercolors have survived from 1935 and both are titled, In the Metropolitan Museum. Neither of the rooms today are exactly as they were painted in 1935.  

In the Metropolitan Museum, N.Y

Watercolor, 1935
In the Metropolitan Museum, N.Y.

Another spectacular award winning watercolor created in 1920, by Starkweather is in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum, Peggy Sketching from a Balcony. The painting has been made into a Winter greeting card and has been in several calendars made and distributed by The Metropolitan Museum. 

The Metropolitan Museum of Art used a Starkweather painting on the introduction page of their New York, New York large wall calendar 2011 and their New York, New York engagement calendar 2011. On the introductory page The Metropolitan Museum has equated William Starkweather with Childe Hassam. Calendars were available in the Museum shops and online.

Available for purchase.
Original cards for $6.00 per card.

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