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Artists Who travelled with Starkweather

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William Starkweather travelled to many places, including Spain, Italy, France, Bermuda, Canada and the Northern East Coast of the United States.
Magdalen Island, Canada
Watercolor, 1938

San Gimigniano, Italy
Watercolor, 1925
New Jersey
Watercolor, 1920
Monhibon, France 1907
These are some of the many people he travelled with:

Joaquin Sorolla, Willa Cather, Peggy Bacon, George Pearce Ennis, Anne Goldthwaite, Karl Larson, Chuck Ladd, Lars Hoftrup, Sandor Bernarth and Paul Fjelde. Other than Sorolla, many of these individuals he met while painting in Eastport, Maine which in the 1920's and 1930's was quoted as being for serious New York artists, like the Pont-Aven for Parisians. If you have any information which can help us with other artists in Starkweather's life or in stories about these artists and their relationship with Starkweather, please let us know.

We are also trying to get copies of the Art News articles which mention William Starkweather from August 15, 1925, October 5, 1929, October 10, 1932, October 7, 1933 and November 2, 1929. If you have them or know how we can access them, please let us know.

Grand Manan Island, Canada
Watercolor, 1938
Javea, Spain 1905
Siena, Italy 1925
Olive Grove, Lake Garda, Italy
Watercolor, 1924

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