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W.E.B.Starkweather Portraits

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William E.B. Starkweather created over one hundred portraits in his lifetime, spanning from about 1905 through 1968.

Lars Hoftrup
Watercolor, 1920

We have located several portraits that Starkweather painted and will attempt to add more as we get permission from the owners to display them. Starkweather was commissioned to paint many prominent individuals and family portraits. In addition, The Metropolitan Museum of Art has a beautiful portrait in their collection of Peggy Bacon from the balcony of Starkweather's Washington Square studio in Winter. The Met created a greeting card from that watercolor painting (and it may be reprinted soon). The largest known portrait was of Margaret Donegan painted in oil in 1915 and the smallest known portrait was of Joaquin Sorolla in 1909. Starkweather created an oil painting in 1932 of  Thelma Morgan Furness, Viscount Furness, twin sister of Gloria Mercedes Morgan Vanderbilt. Mistress of Prince Edward. In 1914 he created a portrait of Jane Mead Tiffany Porter and in 1911 of Vera Tomescu. Decendents of the Brown family, who owned the Starkweather Museum in Endless Caverns, have many Starkweather portraits in their possession. 
In addition, the Smithsonian needs your help in identifying some of the portraits in their collection. 
Karl Larsson
Watercolor, 1921

Very few of these portraits have been exhibited in the last 40 years and the Smithsonian is asking for help in identifying the photographs of the portraits in their collection.

Chuck Ladd
Watercolor, 1938

If you have additional information about William Starkweather or the books he illustrated and designed bindings for, we would like to add the information to the web site...