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Additional William Starkweather paintings

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William Starkweather paintings. 

Coast at Peggy's Cove
Nova Scotia, Canada, Oil, 1939

WEB Starkweather was also a fantastic book illustrator. We have a listing all of the books he illustrated and hope to provide images from each of the books. His most impressive illustrations for a book were for Raplh Waldo Emerson and James Allen.

At Cape St. Mary
Canada, Oil, 1954

William Edward Bloomfield Starkweather has paintings in the Metropolitan Museum, San Diego Museum, Brooklyn Museum, Hickory Museum, Hispanic Society, Tides Institute, Beaverbrook Museum, Grand Manan Museum, James Madison University and Yale University.

In the Metropolitan Museum
New York, Watercolor, 1935

If you have additional information about William Starkweather or the books he illustrated and designed bindings for, we would like to add the information to the web site...

Grandpa's Chair
Brooklyn Heights, Watercolor, 1936

Starkweather, William wrote many articles for the Hispanic Society in New York and for several magazines, especially The Mentor Magazine from 1919 to 1926. We have provided a list of as many as we have been able to find on our publications web page.

Back Parlor
Brooklyn Heights, Watercolor, 1940

William Starkweather had a Museum in his honor which opened in 1948 at Endless Caverns, Virginia and we have photographs and memorabilia from the museum.

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