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Museum of Art at Endless Caverns

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The Starkweather Museum was also known as The Memorial Art Museum

From June 27, 1948 through some time in 1976,  55 paintings, 17 watercolors and 38 oils by William Starkweather were on permanent display to the public. The Museum of Art at Endless Caverns was owned and operated by Major Edward Brown. When the Museum closed, some of the paintings were kept by the Brown family, some sold at auction and the rest were donated to the James Madison University Art Collection.

Original invitation to the Museum
Painting is now in the J.M.U. Art collection

Museum at Endless Caverns, Virginia
Color postcard of museum interior
It was commonly known as, The Museum of Art at Endless Caverns in New Market Virginia and was open to the public  for almost 30 years.

In the center of the, above, color postcard is a 17" bronze sculpture of William Starkweather by the artist, Paul Fjelde.
This sculpture is now in the art collection of James Madison University.
There is also a reference to the sculpture in the
Smithsonian photographic archives collection.

Black and White postcard
Inside the Museum

Painted at Endless Caverns
Title, The Honeymooners

William Starkweather painting at Endless Caverns

Starkweather Postcard
Memorial Art Museum

Before June 1948, Peter or Paul Juley photographed 60 paintings in William Starkweather's studio. The dates they were painted, the mediums and most of the titles were not identified. The Juley collection of photographs is now a part of the Smithsonian American Art Museum. The Smithsonian scholars hope to identify all of the photographs so they can post the images on their web site.

Starkweather Fantasy on the Goya Theme
Postcard from Starkweather Museum

Fantasy on El greco
Memorial Art Museum

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